SEM Core Concepts and Career Development for Enrollment Professionals - A Discussion with Dr. Wayne Sigler

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This webinar provides a concise and practical overview of Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) and how this powerful concept and process can help your institution take better control of its enrollment destiny. In addition, the webinar is designed to be a career development tool for rising enrollment professionals and a useful refresher for experienced professionals.

The session will explain the framework of SEM, its crucial tie to academics, how the purposes of SEM are achieved, and will present three major concepts for implementing SEM (organizational, process, and planning).


Dr. Wayne Sigler
Vice President of Enrollment Management at George Mason University and serves as Mason's Chief Enrollment Officer

Dr. Sigler has a proven track record of consistent enrollment success and is widely viewed as one of the top enrollment professionals in the country.

Dr. Sigler is Vice President for Enrollment Management at George Mason University and serves as Masons Chief Enrollment Officer. He began his work at George Mason in July 2012. Prior to joining Mason, he served as Director of Admissions at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for twenty years, building an undergraduate admissions program that is regarded as one of the elite programs in both the Big Ten and the United States.

Before joining the University of Minnesota, Dr. Sigler served as Dean of Admissions and Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services at the University of Houston, Dean of Student and Academic Services at Texas State University-San Marcos (now Texas State University, San Marcos), Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Maryland, College Park and Associate Director of Admissions at Towson State College (now Towson University).

Dr. Sigler has had a significant influence on the national enrollment management movement. He developed the nationally recognized Tri-O leadership/management system that is stakeholder-focused and outcomes-oriented. He is the author of the book Managing for Change: Shifting from Process-Centric to Results-Oriented Operations. He chaired AACRAOs national Enrollment Management Committee several times and participated in the development of AACRAOs national Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conference. In 2008, Dr. Sigler received the AACRAO APEX Award that recognizes excellence in education administration and outstanding achievement and influence in the profession. He also served a two-year term as President of the Association of Chief Admissions Officers of Public Universities (ACAOPU).


Joe Head
Founder of Georgia's Professional Endorsement Program for Enrollment Officers
Joe Head is a former Dean of Enrollment Services with forty years in higher education. He has served in both public and private colleges in positions ranging from dean of admissions, associate registrar and assistant vice president.

Joe received AACRAO's APEX award in 2005, Nolij Corporation's Inaugural Founders Award for technology leadership in Enrollment Services in 2010 and the University System of Georgia's "Bench Marking Best Practices Award" for developing technology in higher education. He also received the Georgia Association of Collegiate Registrar's and Admissions Officers Life Time Achievement Award and former president of GACRAO. He is an author of over two dozen enrollment services topics having written for among others AACRAO, CASE, College Board, SACRAO, Bell South, and On Target and was named Administrator of the Year at Kennesaw State University. Joe assisted Kennesaw State in becoming Georgia's 3rd largest university in the state.

Joe is the founder of Georgia's professional endorsement program for enrollment officers. He is currently retired, consults with AACRAO, serves as vice president for the Etowah Valley Historical Society, writes local history, teaches calligraphy and is director of the Bartow County History Scholar Program for middle school Georgia history students.

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