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Basic Guide to Electronic Data Exchange

Basic Guide to Electronic Data Exchange
Table of Contents and Introduction
$35 Members/$50 Non-Members; AACRAO SPEEDE Committee ; 2018; Item #0154
The Basic Guide to Electronic Data Exchange compiles education record electronic data exchange (EDX) related technology tips and resources in one place to help AACRAO members and their institutions understand, analyze, and implement EDX of education records. Institutions that provide electronic transcripts and electronic transcript services throughout various phases of the student life­cycle will improve student satisfaction and benefit from increased efficiency in their operations. Originally published in 2008, this version of the Basic Guide to EDX has been written and updated by past and present AACRAO SPEEDE Com­mittee members to address the most commonly asked questions regarding electronic data exchanges. Both traditional EDI and XML data standards have been covered and additional infor­mation regarding newer popular methods of electronic records exchange, such as PDF and JavaScript Ob­ject Notation (JSON), have been included. Also included are helpful tools for implementing electronic transcripts such as a cost analysis calculator, tips for choosing the appropriate data format, as well as a startup checklist for institutions investigating a move to electronic transcripts and delivery. Institutions will be able to consider a variety of methods for exchanging and de­livering student records that will assist in­stitutions in streamlining the process of elec­tronic data exchanges while increasing security of records as they are transmitted.