AACRAO Committees

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Graduate and Professional School Issues Committee

Addresses concerns that pertain specifically to graduate and professional schools and acts as a medium for relevant discourse and projects.
Tracy Mourton (Chair), University of Virginia - Main Campus, March 2018 - April 2019, tlm2x@virginia.edu
Stacy Dam, Bryan College of Health Sciences, February 2017 - April 2020, stacy.dam@bryanhealth.org
Sam Fugazzotto, Teachers College at Columbia University, April 2017 - April 2020, fugazzotto@tc.edu
Paula Maynard, Messiah College, April 2017 - April 2020, pmaynard@messiah.edu
Melissa Mundt, Valparaiso University, April 2017 - April 2020, melissa.mundt@valpo.edu
Jill Rodgers, University of the Pacific, March 2017 - April 2020, jrodgers@pacific.edu
Annie Russell, Harvard Divinity School, April 2017 - April 2020, arussell@hds.harvard.edu
Connie Shipman, Campbell University School of Law, April 2016 - April 2019, shipman@campbell.edu
Kelsey Simonson, Tufts Dental School, April 2017 - April 2020, kelsey.simonson@tufts.edu
Colleen Timmons, Tulane University of Louisiana, April 2016 - April 2019, ctimmons@tulane.edu