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International Evaluation Standards Council

The International Evaluation Standards Council (IESC) was established in 2001 along with the International Publication Advisory Committee (IPAC) to meet the changing needs of the AACRAO membership interested in international education. The committee is involved in the research and publication of international resource materials and the approval of placement recommendations. Membership for the IESC was not appointed in 2001 with the understanding that appointments would be made in the event of the demise of the inter-organizational National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials. The Council was disbanded in 2006, and at that time membership for the IESC was appointed. In 2014, the AACRAO Board of Directors approved a move to remove the IESC from the traditional professional activity committee structure. While the committee still exists, its membership is by invite or appointment only. While the IESC, like other professional activity committees, continues to serve the membership, its methods and scope are sufficiently different to justify its removal from this structure.
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